How to get farm workers (and others) to adopt biosecurity practices

This practical extension article out of Canada insightfully explains how farm workers learn about biosecurity.  In a nutshell they do most of their learning while on the job and through observing the positive, and negative behaviours of their managers, peers and mentors.  It goes on to point out that knowing how good biosecurity practice influences […]

Calf days good for biosecurity – disease expert, Rural News, 11 July 2018

Finally, someone that thinks the same as us.  M.Bovis will, eventually, fall off the radar but where will on-farm biosecurity be when it does? Based on the way in which MPI and our industry bodies (DairyNZ, Federated Farmers and Beef and Lamb) are acting currently, it will be back to business as usual, and we […]

Weedbusters –

A great resource for young and old, this engaging website is all about the fight to stop weeds taking over the New Zealand environment.  It has multiple tools to help identify weeds, lots of pictures to show you what weeds look like and ways that you can contribute to the fight against weeds. Visit the […]

Unwelcome pests need a firm response – NZ Herald, 27 December 2017

This article reminds us that New Zealand is and has been dealing with many biosecurity risks and incursions on a daily basis.  The article mentions Chilean Needle Grass, M. Bovis, Fanworm, Wilding Pines, Myrtle Rust, droplet tunicate, and Kauri Dieback (Phytophthora agathidicida). Read the full article on the Herald’s website.    

Biosecurity terminology – a short primer

Words like disinfect and sanitise are often used interchangeably and without much understanding.  Here’s a few working definitions for you: Microbe – a microorganism such as a bacterium or virus. A microbe might not cause disease or infection. Pathogen – a bacterium, virus or other microorganism that can cause disease. Fomite – objects or materials which can carry […]

On-Farm Biosecurity – Managing footwear video

Put together by Horticulture Innovation Australia and the Queensland Government as part of the Better Bananas extension programme, this video explains how a ‘dedicated on farm footwear’ programme providing footwear to visitors works.  It’s in Queensland, and they probably don’t encounter mud that often, so we’d suggest a proper boot cleaner to clean used footwear […]

Portable footwear cleaning station to help stop farm contamination –

The  Jacson Cube® was launched in the 2018 Fieldays Innovation Awards. It was fantastic to be at Fieldays talking to farmers, contractors and growers about footwear biosecurity and planning. We learned a lot from the folk we spoke with, and hope that we also added some value and food for thought as everyone considers what […]

Congratulations Michelle Gubb, winner of the Jacson3 Fieldays competition

Michelle, a dairy farmer and vet nurse from Morrinsville was stoked to win a Jacson Cube™ which she said will come in really handy. Initially Michelle will use her Jacson Cube™ at the Bobby Calf collection site on the farm, but first she’ll take it into work so that her colleagues at JB Visser Vets […]