Biosecurity is not a sometimes activity

I want to relate a true story. A couple of weeks ago we met a South Island dairy farmer that had been caught up in the M. Bovis response. We spoke about what this had meant for him and his business – none of it good other than that he was now able to get […]

Eight years is long enough – let’s step-up in 2019

We thought we’d start the New Year with a reflection on 2018, to set the scene for the year ahead. Last year, KPMG’s 2018 Agribusiness Agenda provided some powerful insights into the current thinking about New Zealand’s Biosecurity. For the 60 business and farming leaders who were surveyed for the agenda, the top priority among […]

Factors that influence behaviour change

At Jacson3 we’re very interested in contributing to the improvement of on-farm biosecurity.  Having worked with farmers most of his life Rusty knows how hard it is to bring about change in our farming/growing sectors.  This easily read paper by Les Robinson sheds light on the factors that influence the speed of change. In addition […]

Alternative ag days gear up –

We’re proud to support Whitikahu and Orini schools and their initiative to keep calf club going this year – there’s that kiwi ingenuity on show again!  They’re doing things a little differently to minimise any risks posed by bringing their animals together – but still giving children in their community the chance to develop their […]

How to get farm workers (and others) to adopt biosecurity practices

This practical extension article out of Canada insightfully explains how farm workers learn about biosecurity.  In a nutshell they do most of their learning while on the job and through observing the positive, and negative behaviours of their managers, peers and mentors.  It goes on to point out that knowing how good biosecurity practice influences […]

Calf days good for biosecurity – disease expert, Rural News, 11 July 2018

Finally, someone that thinks the same as us.  M.Bovis will, eventually, fall off the radar but where will on-farm biosecurity be when it does? Based on the way in which MPI and our industry bodies (DairyNZ, Federated Farmers and Beef and Lamb) are acting currently, it will be back to business as usual, and we […]

Biosecurity terminology – a short primer

Words like disinfect and sanitise are often used interchangeably and without much understanding.  Here’s a few working definitions for you: Microbe – a microorganism such as a bacterium or virus. A microbe might not cause disease or infection. Pathogen – a bacterium, virus or other microorganism that can cause disease. Fomite – objects or materials which can carry […]