Dirty Not-So-Little Secrets About How Weeds Move

Every time you visit a farm, orchard, or nursery you MUST clean and disinfect your footwear or leave them behind. Anything less almost certainly means spreading weeds as this article from the Progressive Farmer exposes.  “We planted the mud from two pairs of boots in a greenhouse flat.  “It really wasn’t all that much mud. […]

Biosecurity Week 2020 – vigilence and hygiene

Monday, 27 July marks the start of Biosecurity Week 2020, which will see a week of activities across Aotearoa in which those working in the biosecurity sector highlight their work to their communities.  The event is led by the NZ Biosecurity Institute and this year’s theme is 20-20 Vigilance. Institute president Alice McNatty said Covid 19 has shown […]

Inventing a footwear biosecurity system for farms – Coast and Country

Many thanks to the Coast and Country team for paying us a visit and sharing our story following the Biosecurity Awards late last year. Check out Catherine Fry’s story: https://www.coastandcountrynews.co.nz/news/3732-inventing-footwear-biosecurity-system-farms.html

Biosecurity measures that improve disease awareness the most valuable

“Biosecurity measures that improve disease awareness of farmers were ranked as both most important and most effective” by this Swedish study surveying the views of industry experts. It supports the view that though they may not always be the most effective measures for restricting the spread of any one disease, elements of a biosecurity plan […]

On-Farm Biosecurity – Managing footwear video

Put together by Horticulture Innovation Australia and the Queensland Government as part of the Better Bananas extension programme, this video explains how a ‘dedicated on farm footwear’ programme providing footwear to visitors works.  It’s in Queensland, and they probably don’t encounter mud that often, so we’d suggest a proper boot cleaner to clean used footwear […]

Portable footwear cleaning station to help stop farm contamination – stuff.co.nz

The  Jacson Cube® was launched in the 2018 Fieldays Innovation Awards. It was fantastic to be at Fieldays talking to farmers, contractors and growers about footwear biosecurity and planning. We learned a lot from the folk we spoke with, and hope that we also added some value and food for thought as everyone considers what […]

Congratulations Michelle Gubb, winner of the Jacson3 Fieldays competition

Michelle, a dairy farmer and vet nurse from Morrinsville was stoked to win a Jacson Cube™ which she said will come in really handy. Initially Michelle will use her Jacson Cube™ at the Bobby Calf collection site on the farm, but first she’ll take it into work so that her colleagues at JB Visser Vets […]