Monday, 27 July marks the start of Biosecurity Week 2020, which will see a week of activities across Aotearoa in which those working in the biosecurity sector highlight their work to their communities.  The event is led by the NZ Biosecurity Institute and this year’s theme is 20-20 Vigilance. Institute president Alice McNatty said Covid 19 has shown the extent to which Kiwis will go, to protect their health and wellbeing. “There are many other biological threats to be aware of but the same basic practices occur – constant vigilance and good hygiene practices,” she said.

Those hygiene practices include footwear biosecurity – which is often taken for granted. However, we know people pose the biggest biosecurity risk, and the soles of our footwear are possible vectors for infectious diseases. Which is why you need to make sure any boot cleaner or boot cleaning equipment you have, is fit for purpose, includes cleaning and disinfecting, and is fast and easy to use.

Read the full release on the NZ Biosecurity Institute website: 20-20 vigilence for all unwanted organisms is vital.