Here’s another insightful article from Biosecurity Australia about making sure you’re not caught on the back foot when an outbreak occurs.

Epidemic, incursion, outbreak: call it what you like, you should take note of what’s happening in Australia (and New Zealand) in response to COVID-19, because crop, livestock pest and disease outbreaks play out quite similarly.  As we have seen recently with the ongoing M-Bovis eradication programme.

Most obvious is the financial impact of an emergency that affects you directly. We are finding that for COVID-19, the impact is felt far beyond just the threat of the disease itself. The response has flow-on effects on the things that you value, such as your freedom, social interactions, mental health and family life, things that you might not have considered being impacted when this outbreak first began.

You can read the rest of the article yourself, here on the Biosecurity Australia website.