Congratulations to Annika and Johnny Lowe winners of the Jacson Cube® we gave away while exhibiting at the South Island field-days at the end of March.  Annika is an AI Technician as well as dairy farming with partner Johhny near Rangiora.

In conjunction with the giveaway we asked two simple questions – Do you currently clean your boots/footwear every time you visit a farm or orchard? And, do professional tools like the Jacson Cube and the PE BootCleaner make it easier to clean footwear every day? Of those surveyed 38% said they cleaned their footwear every time they visited a farm, 29% said sometimes and alarmingly 18% said they don’t bother. 88% of those surveyed thought professional tools made it easier to clean footwear (9% didn’t answer the question).

After receiving her Jacson Cube Annika kindly sent us the following  – “The Jacson Cube has been an amazing addition to our biosecurity system, making it convenient and easy to clean boots for staff, contractors and visitors. It is light and compact which makes it easy to move around to where it is needed. It will make calving and mating a lot easier, as we don’t have to worry about fish bins that are not half as sturdy or convenient to use. The multiple compartments and storage of different disinfectants has put our mind at ease for various reasons. In times like these it is so important to have a good footwear cleaning in place. We love the Jacson Cube! Thank you so much”. Anni