It was awesome news that MPI in its stakeholder update last week, effectively ruled out effluent as a transmission vector for M. Bovis – that’s one less disease transmitted in poo (lets not forget there are other diseases that can be).

It was also good to see MPI reiterate the general hygiene message and for good reason. Bovis isn’t the only biosecurity risk that farmers face. The primary and tourism sectors could together list at least 8 current incursions that they are trying to manage at great cost.

The transmission risks for each incursion vary in importance but a common theme to all is that people, their movements and the movements of their equipment are always on the list.  Its also important to remember that low risk doesn’t equal no risk. What might be low risk for this incursion might not be in the next.  Practicing good hygiene and having an awareness of the risks will do much to limit the cost incurred for everyone.