For those properties impacted directly by M.Bovis (NODs and RPs), Biosecurity New Zealand recently made some updates and changes to its advice around cleaning and disinfecting.

Some items were downgraded from high risk to medium or low, including:

  • equipment or material from bovine milking or milk handling environments (medium)
  • bovine genetic material (low)
  • effluent/soil (extremely low)
  • driveways, laneways, and thoroughfares used for cattle and/or vehicles (extremely low).

No changes were made specifically in regards to the cleaning and disinfecting of footwear.

It’s important to remember that low risk does not mean NO risk, therefore the basic biosecurity and hygiene practice of consistently cleaning and disinfecting footwear on entry and exit to the farm and when moving between different areas of land and mobs of animals should continue to be observed.

Perhaps one of the most important changes is the advice around disinfectants specifically for M.Bovis – as citric acid is no longer on the recommended list (and was previously  promoted by MPI, Biosecurity New Zealand and others).

You can download this update and other factsheets from MPI’s website.